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About TNT

True North Trades (TNT) is a small and very personal business. We are a man and wife team (Mark and Annie Ranum) and are very well yoked. That means you will have the founders and owners of the business working on your project. We like it that way and we think you will too. We limit ourselves to the amount of work that we can do with excellence and target the size jobs where we can excel. We are not interested in growing this business into something larger and less personal. When we install the little brass plate on your completed system that says "Sound by TNT" it is our way of saying we are thankful for the skills that God has given us and that we wish to honor Him with technical excellence!

Some things that make us different. . .

We Understand Worship!

We have worshiped in many different settings and are very familiar with both traditional and contemporary worship styles. We understand how unique and different worship can look in different fellowships and how technical needs can very accordingly. Mark has spent over twenty five years serving as a sound technician in a variety of settings with the last decade invested in a contemporary worship style. We also understand that churches and fellowships change and grow and we offer system designs that can grow with them. We believe that this first hand worship experience is essential when designing and installing a audio/visual system for others.

We Understand Construction

Both Mark and Annie have several years experience in the electrical contracting industry. We've worked side-by-side with all the trades involved in the construction process. We understand schedules and the need to "keep ahead of the drywallers"! We know how important comunications are on the job site and know how to work with the architect and general contractor. Mark has over 35 years experience in technical disciplines including electronic design and troubleshooting. We also understand excellence in craftmanship and keep our work area clean and well organized.

We Understand Ministry

Ministry opportunities surround us daily. The job site is no exception. We believe that as we work, opportunities may arise for gentle witness and ministry to those working around us. We believe that our actions speak loudly and strive for excellence and integrity in all that we do or say. The job site can be a stressful place, especially when things don't go as planned. We want our presence to be a positive and calming influence for everyone we encounter.

We Understand Follow-Through!

Getting the technical installation done is only part of the total project. Even the best system will not deliver it's full potential without the needed support to get and keep you "up and running". A totally complete project includes technical training, warrenty support, system documentation, and folks that are there for you when questions or problems arise. That is why we say "A project isn't complete until you are 100% satisfied."

Services We Offer

Stage pocket and wall box placement design and installation.

State of the art control booth design and construction including prefabricated modular units.

Efficient design of all wire-paths, raceways, above and below-grade conduit runs.

Custom design and construction of equipment racking, pedestals, and cableways.

Design phase selection and turnkey installation of all A/V system components.

Design and installation of building sound and video distribution systems.

Design and installation of fully integrated computer and video projection systems.

On site A/V computer system hardware and software upgrading.

Architectual pre-design chamber acoustics analysis and consulting.

Post-design acoustic analysis, design, and installation of acoustic treatments.

Final system tuning and spectrum analysis.

Custom tailored on-site training for A/V technicians and worship teams.

Component repair, both in-shop and on-site.

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